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General contract and functions of a technical customer

Why do we do this?

A general contract is one of the most multi-faceted services in the field of construction and installation works, comprising the completion of a full range of organizational and management works, including monitoring of the facility based on the Customer’s rights, bearing full responsibility to it.

StroiPodryad provides general contracting services, both narrowly specialized and within the bounds of a full-scale, individual or commercial construction of the highest level of difficulty.

Thanks to distinctly developed conceptions, the general contracting services that StroiPodryad provides allow you to implement even the most complex key ready projects within the strictly negotiated contract time periods and in observance of ratified construction norms and requirements with a high-quality guarantee of all production works.

Fulfillment of general contractor functions and technical customer functions

  • Provide construction with the necessary material and technical resources
  • Organize the entire complex of facility construction works in accordance with the affirmed project documentation
  • Complete all works in accordance with the construction schedule and facility financing schedule, both using in house personnel and using the assistance of subcontracted organizations
  • Coordinate constructions, including the coordination of the activity of subcontracted organizations
  • Ensure the observation of technology when constructing the facility
  • Ensuring labor protection, safety measures, fire safety, rational use of territory, and protecting the environment while constructing the facility
  • Presenting the facility for key ready use, including formalization of executive documentation

Fulfillment of customer functions

  • Preparing design and estimate documentation, negotiating it, and duly affirming it
  • Conducting records and bookkeeping of financing issues, including formalization of contracting agreements with a general contractor
  • At the beginning stage – monitoring the conduct of topographical and geological examinations; surveying the air, soil, etc.
  • Implementing general supervision of the construction, including technical supervision and organization author supervision, ensuring that the project is being implemented as conceived by the project designer
  • Conducting the presentation of the completed, constructed facilities for exploitation

Fulfillment of technical supervision functions

  • At the beginning stage, taking part in design and estimate documents and work schedule
  • Implementing monitoring of the observation of the technical aspects of the project being carried out
  • Conducting construction expertise if necessary (for instance, of the qualities of the materials used)
  • Monitoring the observation of time periods on all levels of construction as well as the accordance of the volume of works performed in the project documentation
  • Monitoring the correct conduct of technical and executive documentation
  • Intermittent acceptance after each stage of works performed along with the participation of the contractor’s representatives
  • Monitoring the elimination of flaws or mistakes discovered during the work

Construction management

  • Organizing and conducting tenders for selecting contractors
  • Developing construction programs
  • Organizing the construction process
  • Assisting in the receipt of all permits
  • Monitoring the time schedule of the construction
  • Monitoring the budget of the construction
  • Monitoring the quality of the works performed
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of all agreement obligations

Collection of all enabling documentation

  • Conducting engineering examinations
  • Receiving all of the technical conditions
  • Receiving all receipt data (certificates, conclusions)
  • Negotiating project documentation
  • Receiving construction permits

Seeking and acquiring a land parcel in any region of the Russian Federation

Our main customers are foreign companies, so for this reason we provide services in adapting projects to the norms of the Russian Federation

Project adaptation to the norms of the Russian Federation:

  • Translating all technical documentation
  • Analyzing and estimating technical decisions
  • Evaluating the possibility of implementing the project on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Processing documents in all authorities of the Russian Federation
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