Complex engineering of industrial and commercial facilities
A high-quality project is half the battle!

Engineering industrial and commercial facilities: office buildings, malls, and industrial sites.

Fulfillment of the general project designer functions

  • Taking part in compiling project design tasks and selecting a construction site
  • Determining by negotiation with the customer and the contractor the volumes, stages, and cost of project works
  • Preparing and issuing technical tasks for design and engineering examinations to subcontracting organizations in a timely fashion
  • Processing agreements to fulfill all types of project and engineering works
  • Preparing the schedule of works to be completed along with the customer, contractor, subcontractor project organization, and examining organization
  • Coordinating the jobs of subcontractor organizations and negotiating architectural, volume, spatial, and technical solutions and ecological requirements when completing complex project works
  • Negotiating in the process of designing fundamental technical decisions made by subcontracting organizations
  • Ensuring accordance of projects with the project tasks
  • Accepting ready project documentation from subcontracting organizations
  • Assembling all design and estimate documentation and transferring it to the customer, including developed by subcontracting organizations
  • Participating in the examination, negotiation, and affirmation of project documentation in the fashion established in the valid instructions
  • Creating all project documentation sections for facilities of any difficulty level
  • Author and technical supervision
  • All types of examinations
  • Designing industrial sites

Our projects today:

  • Production and warehouse facilities
  • Multi-functional, commercial and entertainment complexes
  • Office buildings and business centers
  • Auto services centers and car washes
  • Industrial sites
  • Industrial parks
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