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StroiPodryad implements a wide range of works in the construction sphere. The company has everything it needs to fulfill its professional obligations in high quality, including required licenses and has advanced technology at its disposal as well. The staff comprises experienced specialists, each one focused in his or her own narrow field. Meanwhile, the company offers attractive rates for construction works and provides guarantees in all types of construction works.

You can’t get the new without the old. StroiPodryad is highly qualified in demolishing old, run-down buildings requested to be taken down. We make sure to observe all safety norms and the company has the necessary technology to pull buildings of any durability level. That includes total demolition of the foundation. After that, we can offer providing construction works of any kind, the price of which will depend fully on the difficulty of the facility’s construction.

New construction

  • The company fully organizes the construction site, carrying out all necessary preparation stages. The area is blocked off and cleaned and the engineering network and communication lines are transported. Temporary facilities are organized for storing materials and employees’ breaks. Constant supervision of the construction facility is conducted without fail.

High-quality concreting

  • In today’s construction technology, concreting plays quite a significant role. Observing the rules and norms guarantees that the building lasts a long time. StroiPodryad has everything you need to complete monolithic works and concreting.

Working with communication

  • Various construction companies are operating on the market, many of them provide ballpark estimates for their services, and they may change them in the process. With us, you can expect the exact cost in the very beginning, which will include the placement of all engineering lines, both external and internal. You are guaranteed complete and proper placement of all types of communication lines.

Internal engineering systems

  • Heating and heat supply
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Sewage and water supply
  • Electrical supply and power supply
  • Video surveillance and access monitoring
  • Fire and security alarms

External engineering systems

  • Heating supply system
  • Water supply system
  • Sewage networks
  • Electricity networks
  • Drainage systems

Steel structures installation

  • An important and significant stage in construction. StroiPodryad not only provides the installation of new steel structures, but also reliable fortification for existing ones in necessary ways: an option such as welding can be used or connecting bolts. The means by which works are performed often times also play an important role in would the final cost of construction works will be.

Roofing and insulation works

  • Roofing construction is quite a complicated job. It consists of several components and layers. For this reason, roofing jobs should only be entrusted to professionals. The smallest mistake in installing roofing will inevitably lead to leakage. In that case, not only will you have to repair the roof again, but the entire building. Included in the spectrum of services that our company provides is everything that has to do with roofing development.

Finishing works

  • Finishing works refer to the final stage in the construction of a building or facility. Their purpose is to give the building or facility a finished look. Our specialists provide all different types of finishing works: glass, plastering, lining, painting, floor cleaning, and door installation.


  • Improvement refers to an entire spectrum of services. Our specialists are willing to provide such services as: lawn cultivation, asphalt coating, and road paving.


StroiPodryad carries out all types of jobs required in construction. Our company has all the necessary licenses and normative documentation to implement construction works. Our advanced technical base and the high-level of our employees’ professional skills allows us to provide an entire spectrum of repair and construction works of any difficulty level. We also offer long-term guarantees for all of the works and services we provide you.


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